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Bespoke approach to structured financing


Sturctured finance and real estate syndication


Medical devices distribution


Strategic partnership with substantial oil reserves


Trade and business facilitation


The Vigilin way

Creating wealth through value constellation

We’re an evolving diversified investment portfolio with interest in social entrepreneurship, oil and gas, real estate & hospitality, mining, healthcare, bespoke finance structuring, business advisory services, agriculture, maritime services, aviation and commodity trading. We are an emerging growth company with the vision of becoming a global player by the year 2025 through a well-defined investment system involving strategic

Acquisitions via a bespoke capital mobilisation structure and accelerated capacity development. Apart from investing in working capital, we also strive to invest in people, as well as the systems and processes they need. In our business model, capital intensity is critical to our long term success and quest for significance in the global market.

Apprecion Energy Ltd

Apprecion Energy Ltd was established in 2008 to spearhead our push into the energy sector. The company facilitates trading, importation and distribution…

Baruch Healthcare Ltd

Baruch Healthcare Ltd is a testimonial of our business turnaround project. It was set up to manage the distribution of medical devices in West Africa…

Trade Finance services

Our Trade Finance solutions involve the use of our letters of credit and Bank Guarantee facilities with numerous institutions…

Vigilin Capital Ltd

Our group’s leading boutique financial services provider offers project management and structured trade finance…

Vigilin Inc Ltd

We specialise in trade and business facilitation, in active collaboration with VCL. Our entrepreneurial culture has made the firm a key player …

Vigilin Logistics Ltd

We invest in the real estate and hospitality sectors in Africa. Our portfolio includes property management, investment…

Vigilin Cayman Islands

Vigilin Capital SEZC is a boutique Broker Dealer operating as a multi-strategy proprietary trading firm and headquartered in Cayman Islands..

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About Vigilincapital

About us

We are an evolving diversified investment portfolio with investment interest in financial services, social entrepreneurship, oil and gas, real estate & hospitality, mining and healthcare.

Our aim is to grow businesses to a sustainable position of market dominance. We identify, develop, nurture and operate businesses with latent potentials. We invest for the long term and remain actively involved every step of the way.

We facilitate necessary resources and specialist expertise to support the whole project lifecycle.


How can we help?

Entrepreneurship (start-ups incubation)

Our team seek out opportunities to create green field ventures, that we can turn into great businesses. For example, Baruch Healthcare Ltd, our healthcare division transformed a relatively unknown start-up marketing company into a seven figure business with star products across West Africa. Also, Vigilin Capital Ltd is metamorphosing into a boutique bank based in London, with key markets in Africa.

Business engineering

We acquired the operations of ailing boutique finance house in London, which has since continued to see consistent, positive growth and transformation. We are currently reviving a default airline firm in West Africa by redefining the business model and mobilising the much needed capital and strategic partnerships. We continue to pursue targeted turnaround investments, where under-performing assets in strategic sectors can be re-engineered to generate return for investors and fuel Africa’s own economic turnaround.

Strategic partnerships

We are actively seeking and nurturing strategic partnership to align with our investment philosophy and contribute to building sustainable businesses. For example, when we launched Vigilin Capital Ltd, we partnered with an America Investment Bank seeking for projects in the oil and gas sector in Africa. Also, we partnered with a fortune 500 company and government institutions in our live project of building a 400-Pax accommodation vessel. The goodwill and expertise of our partners supported the multi-million project at the time the oil & Gas sector was at its lowest ebb.


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